Cali Automotive is the place to go for Edmonton auto repair.

Modern diagnostics and experienced technicians work together to find the correct fix for your car and get you back on the road quickly. Feel free to stop in as we look forward to meeting you.

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Cali Automotive
10042 80 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6E 1T5

We are located just two blocks southwest of Whyte Avenue and 99 Street.

(780) 490-6030

Office Hours:

Monday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Tuesday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Wednesday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Thursday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday: *Closed*
Sunday: *Closed*

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Here are testimonials from our business listing on Google Places.

Harry is a beauty if there was 6 stars I'd choose it fair prices quality work done that day don't even look for another place put your phone down and get down there!!!

Joshua S

Best service ever. Thank you so much Mr Harry
Very honest person. He's so friendly

Faten G

After days of research, I decided to go to Henry's shop. He was genuine and knowledgeable. He allowed me to hang around the car as he did the oil change. He also pointed out the source of my car's rattling sound right away, which no other mechanic had been able to.

Alan Z

This dude is honestly a working class hero and great guy. Within 5 minutes of meeting him it's like instant trust and respect. So much good karma at this place! He probably saves his customers thousands of dollars compared to the average dishonest mechanics out there. He helped me once on a Saturday when I was in a real pinch. Can't say enough good things!

Number R

Can't say enough good things about Cali. Harry is an absolute pleasure to deal with! He's ace at fixing cars, obviously likes what he's doing and enjoys working with people. He'll clearly explain the problem and how to fix it. If you've done your homework you'll know that his prices and estimates are very fair.

Anna L

Harry was our lifesaver today. Our alternator belt broke on our way from Fort McMurray to Calgary when we were still had a good hour to Edmonton. He touched base with us along our way and told us he would come to us to meet up if the car didn't make it. Luckily we were able to make it and the car stopped right outside his shop. Was able to replace the belt, and when further issues arose was able to quickly resolve it so we could continue on our journey. Amazing mechanic, amazing man. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone. We will definitely be saving his contact information if we are in the Edmonton area again. They don't make many men like him anymore. He is an honest mechanic and was our guardian angel today. There are no words to actually explain how honest he was with us and the amazing service he provided with his amazing rates. Hands down will not be beat anywhere in Edmonton!

Rita P

I was very suspicious about all these great reviews... After visiting Harry twice last month, I can only say that he gets 5 stars from me because there is no option for 10 stars!
Empathetic, hard working, great prices and explains every single detail! I felt like he was treating me as a family member, not like a customer.
Very highly recommended!

George G

Awesome honest service with a smile. The reviews don't lie.

Blair D

We just switched to Cali Automotive based on a recommendation from a friend. I haven't brought my vehicle in yet, but my wife has a couple times and has nothing but great things to say. The mechanic is thorough and educates his clients on their vehicles, his pricing is very reasonable too. Glad we found this place!

Greg G

At first I was skeptical by the amount of positive reviews, but I can confirm that this guy is absolutely the real deal. I had a four-brake rotor and pad replacement, leaky tire fix for a low price and quick service. I don;t remember the last time I left an automotive repair shop with a smile, but that's how I feel right now. I will give this man as much business as I can for as long as he stays open. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else.

Andrew M

It was Thanksgiving Monday and I discovered a flat tire just about the time we were heading back to Calgary. When I phoned Cali, the owner had just dropped by to check on the garage. Not officially open, he said he could fix my tire if I get there before 3 pm.
Excellent, fast, friendly service. What more do you want?

Cy L

Taking your vehicle to Cali Automotive is like hanging out in your favorite uncle's garage. Harry is a miraculous man. Honest to a fault, informative, reliable, extremely efficient, and above all just an amazingly helpful person. There's no better choice of mechanic if you want honest pricing, personal attention and superb service. I couldn't be more grateful to have met Harry and couldn't recommend Cali Automotive more highly. Support local business and reward amazing people for their extremely hard work. Go in, bring him a coffee, and enjoy this hilarious and good hearted man while he works his magic on your car. Harry, if you're reading this, you're a shining star 🙂

Lauren Penner

The alternator in my truck died, and when I got it to the shop Harry looked at, ordered the replacement, and had it in the truck and everything fixed in about an hour. He did it for an extremely reasonable price as well. Harry explains everything he does to you to make sure that you understand why he is doing it and that you actually need it. Best shop I've ever taken my vehicle to.

Brandon Jullion

I've been going to Cali Automotive for all my vehicle needs for 3 years now and the service never ceases to amaze me. Not only does Harry stand behind the quality of his work and charge a fair rate, but he also genuinely cares about his customers. It's his top priority to ensure his customers are safe and happy on the road. He goes to great lengths to educate each client about how their vehicle works, so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to care and maintenance. I can't express enough how incredible this place is. Check it out for yourself.

Jennifer Davies

I couldn't be happier. I brought my vehicle to Cali based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews and my utter disdain for Canadian Tire. Let me just say I did not regret my decision. Harry was amazing diagnosing my problems quickly and showing me exactly what needed to be done. I now know how to fix a few common problems thanks to him. I honestly could not be more impressed and will be bringing my vehicle to him for all my car repair needs. 100% recommend you will not be disappointed.

Andrew Wilson

As good as advertised. Honest, efficient and helpful. Highly recommend.

Andrew Beattie

This is the mechanic shop that I have been trying to find for over 10 years. Harry is an incredibly honest mechanic that does great work at a reasonable price. He took me in the back and showed me his diagnosis before doing any work, and even offered to have me watch him fix my vehicle. He'll teach you anything you want to know about your car. I just can't say enough kind words about this guy. If you want an honest, reliable mechanic that loves what he does, this is the one. I agree with the 6/5 stars, he deserves it!

A Google User

Honest and Friendly Mechanic. This is what mechanic shops used to be like in the 50 or 60's, not a big corporation increasing the profit margin but Harry is like the friendly guy down the street that happens to know everything about cars. He is an honest mechanic that gives a fair price and does a reliable job. I heard of him from a friend and we have been to him a few times now, and have always been pleased. He will let you watch him work, will teach you a little bit about cars and will tell you about his family and restoration cars while doing it! Very great experience, if there were 6/5 stars he would get the extra one!

Spencer Patrick

I have had the mechanic do work on my vehicle for a couple years now with little odds and ends. Replaced my brakes, fuel pump, and has done oil changes. This guy is awesome. His rates are good, he's quick and above all he's honest. A rare find. I have recommended him to a few friends and they all have great things to say as well. He is well deserving of a positive review.


Yes I agree with all the reviewers kinda place like this is really hard to find. The mechanic is very polite and very friendly has the work done in couple of minutes, mixing he is work with a since of humour, the labor cost is very reasonable unlike other places which they rip you off. I like this place and I highly recommend it.


Place like this is really hard to find. The mechanic is very frank and honest. Will not be ripping off like other big names, for sure. Instead, he prefers that I solve the problem of my own without paying his labor cost, if the problem is actually doable by myself. This guy can get your work done. He fixed my fan problem. It was a difficult one and he diagnosed it step by step, explained all the way to me. During the work, he gave me estimates of what cost I would be looking at if I choose to do this instead of that. I feel that, this guy works and lives based on integrity and honesty, not based on greed for peoples money. So, I feel we should support him by going to his place when our car needs care. Believe me, the person who will be favored most is yourself!


Super friendly and honest mechanic. He took over an hour to look at my car, and didn't charge a thing because he hadn't fixed anything at that time. You can drop in without an app and he may look at it then and there. Other popular places that were highly rated I looked into, such as Fountain Tire, charged 60 bucks to even look at the car for a half hour or less. If you're into homestyle, down to earth service with honest prices, check out this place. I am not familiar with the area and was lucky to come across this mechanic. He's hilarious and will probably give you an educational lesson on your car as well. I learned so much about whats under the hood of my little ford focus


Great Service! The price is a little cheaper than Canadian Tire AND he lets you watch if you want. Taught me how to change a thermostat!!! Very friendly and knowledgeable. No hassles either, and no lines, unlike Canadian Tire.


Harry is the most honest, reliable mechanic. No matter what the problem was he got to the bottom of it and was very good at explaining to me what was going on with my car and did it with such kindness. I would never go to another mechanic Harry's the best!

Brooklyn D

Here are testimonials from our business listing on

Cali Automotive was referred to my husband by a co-worker who has gone there for lots of things and had nothing but good things to say. Happy to report that my husband also had a good experience there.

We were having an issue with the front bumper and fog light, and the mechanic brought my husband in with him so that he could show him exactly what was wrong. A piece did need to be replaced and he gave my husband several options, including the most economical, timely, practical, and equally as effective solution. He seemed honest and extremely knowledgeable, and that was very appreciated. Will definitely be going back!

Jenn C

Stop looking for a mechanic. Harry is your guy. Let me tell you a story.

I called him at 8:30am to ask if he could look at my truck that wouldn't start - said sure, no problem, bring it by. Had the truck towed to the shop by 10:00, where he proceeded to lift the hood and diagnose the problem. I asked if I could stay and learn a thing or two (because I'm a bit truck-dumb), and he proceeded to razz me good-naturedly because I didn't know what size engine I had. After some tinkering he figured it was the starter, and explained in layman's terms what the problem was. (He even put it right on the bill that he didn't charge me for the diagnosis because I helped.)

He immediately got on the horn and ordered the part that was needed, saying the cheaper of the two quoted prices would do just fine. I left to get coffee but realized I didn't leave the key with him. Got back to the shop 20 minutes later and the new part had already been delivered. (From what I could hear from his phone convo, he has a great relationship with his supplier.) After showing me the starter and explaining the warranty I headed for home, only to get a call 45 minutes later to say he was all done.

The truck was in and out of his shop in under two hours, and he even gave the thing a once-over, free of charge. Unbelievable. It was probably a function of the part being easy to get a hold of and the fact that he only had one other car in the shop - BUT. Harry is a total sweetheart, and if you can deal with a little verbal sparring, I swear to you, you'll be in good hands with him.

Lisa G

I am EXTREMELY impressed by the HONEST and GREAT SERVICE that I have received at this establishment! I have been there twice now and couldnt have gotten better service elsewhere for such a low price. Harry is his name and trust me when I say, you want him as your mechanic too! He got me in the day I called and the energy about him is refreshing to see these days. He explained exactly what he was doing and made sure I knew what was going on.
I will refer everyone I know to him and when you see for yourself what great service he provides, im sure you will too.

Jessie M.